Keratoconus Lens Fittings, Corneal Ectasia, Post-Surgical Lenses

Dr. Hill completed a rare and highly specialized residency in the fitting of medically necessary lenses for keratoconus and corneal disease. She is skilled in the use of scleral lenses, hybrid designs, and traditional corneal gas permeable lenses. Upon making your appointment, please alert the staff to your condition so that we can plan to spend additional time on your specialty fitting. **If you have any records or special testing results from a previous provider please also bring those to your appointment or have them faxed ahead of time.**

Collagen Cross-Linking Management

Dr. Hill fits many patients with contact lenses before and after corneal collagen cross-linking treatment. Please alert our staff if you have received this procedure in the past or have interest in this treatment in the future. We are more than happy to coordinate your referral process and provide post-operative services.

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