Comprehensive Eye Exams

eye-examDuring a comprehensive annual eye exam your visual acuity, refractive status, ocular muscle posture, and accommodative status will be checked. This includes an eyeglass prescription and consultation. In addition, we pay special attention to your ocular health, including an internal/retinal exam and glaucoma screening.

Pediatric Eye Exams

We Love Kids!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an annual comprehensive eye exam starting at age 5. However, children may need a screening at a younger age in cases of eye turns/strabismus, poor visual acuity, or other visual concerns. Dr. Hill will sees patients from birth to end of life, and is comfortable with amblyopia treatment and patching therapy. If you have specific concerns or questions about our pediatric services please call us.

Diabetic Eye Exams

All diabetics must have a thorough eye exam every 12 months. Retinal complications from diabetes can cause serious, often permanent vision damage if left untreated. Dr. Hill can generate an exam report, if needed, for primary care physicians or endocrinologists to review.

Medically Indicated Eye Exams

Many systemic medications can cause retinal and visual consequences over time. Certain rheumatologic, autoimmune, or neurologic medications require annual monitoring to determine side effect potential and prevent ocular health changes. When needed, Dr. Hill can generate an exam report for primary care physicians or specialists.

Glaucoma Screenings

All adults should receive an annual screening for glaucoma as part of preventative health care. Glaucoma is an eye disease that occurs when high pressure inside the eye causes damage to the optic nerve. This can be due to genetics, previous eye injury, or other factors. Glaucoma is a ‘silent disease’ in that it has no symptoms- you won’t know if you have it unless we check at regular intervals.

Medical Office Visits

For those that may have a specific eye care need apart from glasses and contact lens services, medical office visits are available. Please call us to discuss insurance coverage and appointment options.

Urgent Care/Emergency Services

We accept new and existing patients for eye emergencies that need care on an urgent basis. Severe injuries may require further specialist referral, if indicated. Please call us to get an immediate appointment if necessary.